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Engage - Eight Songs 7"

Engage - Eight Songs 7"

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Engage - Eight Songs 7".


Long awaited second 7" from Perth's Engage, Australia's standalone youth crew revivalists. Follow up to the band's 2018 "Sincerity" 7" and 2019 promo tape, "Eight Songs" finds the band dialing in their sound and tightening the screws a little, resulting in the strongest (you guessed it) eight Engage songs to date. Sounds like a record by Perth, for Perth. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cam Murphy at Opaque Audio (The Chain, Flowermouth, The Others) in Perth, with design and layout by the band's vocalist Alex Taylor. Records are in stock and shipping now.

Pressing information:

Black vinyl (/150)
Recycled vinyl (/50) (Life.Lair.Regret exclusive)

Track listing:

1. Shameless
2. Ignorance On Parade
3. Paint By Numbers
4. Tables Turn
5. Who's To Blame?
6. Glory & Gold
7. Creed
8. Uncertainty

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