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Loyal To The Grave

Loyal To The Grave - Rectitude CD

Loyal To The Grave - Rectitude CD

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Tokyo based outfit Loyal To The Grave have been mainstays in the Japanese hardcore scene since 1998. Rectitude, released via Triple B Records (vinyl) and Retribute Records (CD), is their first EP in seven years. The 5 songs on their new EP exemplify the relentless, metallic sound the band has crafted over 14 releases. Serpentine riffs and crushingly heavy drums support the dynamic vocals, punctuated by stomp-worthy breakdowns that are equal parts creative and ferocious. Scott Vogel (Terror) lends vocals on “Remain Steadfast”, one of the most pulverizing songs on the EP and a masterclass in heavy hardcore songwriting.

Rectitude was recorded by Devu at DevuRecordingStudio and Gaku Taura, mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork & Layout by Kyle Niland. Distro title from Retribute Records.
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