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Trail Of Lies - Only The Strong LP

Trail Of Lies - Only The Strong LP

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TRAIL OF LIES - Only The Strong LP.


2024 will be the year that sees Trail of Lies at its most aggressive and erudite. Only the Strong, the title of their forthcoming sophomore full- length record, as well as their revitalized mantra, will see the band occupy a space all their own. A prioritization of feeling over technicality, the band's newest LP serves as a reminder and a lesson to all, as to just who they have always been as a musical tribe.

The hardcore quintet, forged in Syracuse, New York, has doubled down on its mission to write music that speaks to the primal rage, disgust, and disillusion, we all feel today. Trail of Lies has always, but even more so on this newest creative offering, tapped into the twisted ideals and behaviors that serve as the perverse benchmark for our modern world: obsession with fast and gluttonous consumerism, erosion of human empathy, and a widespread cultural embrace of conflict avoidance. The guttural cries of "only the strong survive" from vocalist Tom Damiano in the title track, is not a celebration of physical domination over the weak, but a reimagining of what it means to really be strong. Only the Strong, is a record that will sonically challenge and remind listeners both new and old that, "the pain you feel today will be the strength that you feel tomorrow."

An invitation to reconnect and redefine the word strength, Trail of Lies intends to spread Only the Strong's mission, message, and mantra around the world in 2024 and beyond. "Will you fight or will you fall?"

Pressing information:

Coke Bottle (/250)

Track Listing:

1. 315
2. Stand Hard
3. Only The Strong
4. Trail Of Lies
5. Unbroken (feat. Seb48)
6. Stand For Change (feat. Pat Flynn)
7. My Way (feat. Danny Diablo & Scott Vogel)
8. No Remorse
9. Revenge (feat. Aldo Felix)
10. Strength (Interlude)
11. Strength Through Discipline

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